On April 24, 2013 the Italian Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Mario Borghezio submitted a Question for written answer to the European Commission (E-004579-13). In his question, the MEP notes that the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (ANSES) recently published “an alarming study on bisphenol A” (BPA) and asks whether the Commission is aware of the findings cited in the ANSES report (ANSES 2013 (pdf)). He further inquires if the Commission is considering banning the use of BPA in food packaging.

Borghezio is member of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) party, a right-wing group with a 5% representation in the European Parliament. Any MEP may submit questions to the Commission. A written answer by the Commission is expected within the next 6 weeks (European Parliament, Rule 117).

The issue of BPA’s use in food contact materials is currently being revisited by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). A new draft scientific opinion open for public comments is expected for July, and the final opinion will be published in November 2013 (EFSA 2013). Based on the EFSA scientific opinion the Commission may decide to take further steps towards banning BPA from food contact materials.

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The Commission should make bisphenol A in food packaging illegal. Question for written answer to the commission E-004579-13, 24 April 2013.

BPA exposure is harmful. Food Packaging Forum news article on French ANSES report, 10 April 2013

Extended timeline: EFSA to publish BPA report in November. Food Packaging Forum news article on EFSA’s scientific opinion on BPA, 28 March 2013.