In an article published September 4, 2014 by the legal news provider The Legal Examiner, attorney Greg Webb calls for the entire food manufacturing industry to move towards healthier and safer foods. Webb argues that with the introduction of the generally recognized as safe (GRAS) voluntary notification program in 1997 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the use of food additives has increased exponentially. In addition to companies using self-determined GRAS substances of which the FDA has been notified, Webb reports that some companies have deliberately not reported their additives to the FDA. Webb points out that under the current system the FDA lacks resources and regulatory authority to adequately supervise or regulate food manufacturers and calls upon the manufacturers to act responsibly in ensuring the safety of their products.

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Greg Webb (September 4, 2014). “Food additives increasing as FDA scrutiny decreases.The Legal Examiner.