FDA defends GRAS rule

U.S. Food and Drug Administration argues notification program for food additives generally recognized as safe is reasonable; calls for court to judge in its favor in ongoing litigation

ECHA to increase REACH checks, review mixtures

European Chemicals Agency announces a number of upcoming changes and efforts; plans to increase REACH dossier evaluations to 20%, categorize high tonnage substances, launch pilot project reviewing classification of mixtures within CLP regulation

New website on PFAS

Green Science Policy Institute launches platform about per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances

‘Essential use’ concept to aid PFAS phase-out

Scientists propose ‘essential use’ concept to accelerate phase-out of PFAS; trade association highlights ‘flawed assumptions’

EFSA FCM working group: 6th meeting

Minutes of the 6th meeting of EFSA’s CEP Panel working group on food contact materials now available online; discussion of criteria and tools for prioritizing food contact plastics substances on the Union list that do not have specific migration limits

Five recommendations for cleaner food packaging

Environmental Defense Fund presents strategies for food manufacturers and retailers to improve quality of food, recyclability of packaging, public health

ECHA: Classification and labeling updates

European Chemicals Agency’s committee for risk assessment publishes opinions for harmonized classification and labeling; uses of chromium trioxide under discussion

Evaluation of EU’s chemical policies delayed

Open letter by 27 NGOs urges EU Commission to publish outcome of fitness evaluation of EU’s non-REACH chemical policies ahead of major conference, requests clarification of timelines to deliver strategy for non-toxic environment

California to act on single-use plastics

Senate and Assembly of California address circular economy and plastic pollution; focus on reduction and domestic recycling of single-use plastics

Book about reuse

Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy initiative launches book about reuse; outlines reuse framework, identifies 6 major benefits of reuse to business and consumers, gives 69 reuse examples