New website on plastics and health

Plastic Health Coalition sets to accelerate collection and communication of knowledge on plastics and their health effects

More action on phthalates needed

CHEM Trust discusses adverse health effects of phthalates exposure, calls for further restrictions especially in food contact materials

Webinar on food contaminants

Webinar by Environmental Defense Fund discusses management of food contaminants with speakers from U.S. FDA and Nestlé; registration open

EC launches circular plastics alliance

EU Commission launches Circular Plastics Alliance to support EU plastics strategy; industry stakeholders to cover entire plastics value chain

Global strategy on plastic pollution

United Nation Environmental Assembly (UNEA) discusses marine plastic litter and microplastics; over 90 international organizations endorse strategy to fight plastic pollution

Industry report on circular plastics technology

Industry associations publish report summarizing technical solutions supporting EU plastics strategy

EFSA opinion on PFOA and PFOS in food

EFSA scientific opinion suggests revision of tolerable intake values for two perfluoroalkyl substances

Food contact chemicals in life cycle assessment

Scientists present life cycle impact assessment method to include human exposure to chemicals in food packaging, discuss trade-offs, interpretation, data needs, consideration of additional toxicity concerns

Phthalates in bottled water

Review of 5 phthalates’ concentrations found in bottled water across 21 countries; measured concentrations ‘not a serious concern’ for public health, but ‘significant’ estrogenic effects possible

High-pressure effects on flexible packaging

High-pressure processing can change functional structures and migration potential from flexible packaging materials; coated and laminated structures most sensitive; more research needed to find most suitable materials and packaging designs