EU SVHC-checking app available in 15 countries

App enables consumers to request information from providers on presence of substances of very high concern; launched in 15 EU countries

FPF publishes food contact chemicals database

Researchers led by the Food Packaging Forum (FPF) publish new database identifying over 12,200 distinct chemicals that could be used in manufacture of food contact materials and articles; 29% lacking openly accessible toxicity data; 608 identified as most hazardous, prioritized for substitution; published study and database freely accessible

China approves expanded usage for two FCMs

China sets new limits for 2 food contact materials; polyethylene can be added at 0.3% to polyoxymethylene (POM); carboxy styrene-butadiene latex can be added to pressure-sensitive adhesives used in indirect food contact

Glass industry launches sustainability label

European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) announces the launch of a new symbol for recycling on glass packaging; describes it as highlighting the brands’ commitments towards sustainability and health; to be promoted for use on all glass packaging applications including food and beverage, pharma, perfumery, cosmetic products

ECHA’s CLH proposal on TBBPA open for consultation

Norway submits harmonized classification and labeling (CLH) proposal to European Chemical Agency (ECHA) for brominated flame retardant tetrabrombishpenol A (TBBPA); suggests adding classification of being possibly carcinogenic following rodent studies providing evidence; proposal still open for comments until January 29, 2021

CARBIOS to produce PET bottles from textile waste

CARBIOS announces production of PET bottles from enzymatically recycled PET textile waste; ability to tap new previously disregarded sources of materials for recycling

Asian governments aim to expand recycled content in plastic FCMs

Overview article examines recent commitments by South Korea, China, and Thailand to launch or expand approval of recycled plastics for use in food contact materials (FCMs); lack of regional definition of ‘food grade plastic’ seen as stumbling block to many local recyclers in meeting growing demand

Belgian survey and national action plan on EDCs

Independent insurance fund carries out survey, finds nearly half of citizens have little to no knowledge about endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs); recommends greater public awareness, policies to prevent consumer exposure, use of safer alternatives; Belgium developing national EDC action plan

US EPA extends PV29 TSCA evaluation comment period

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) extends comment period for draft risk evaluation of C.I. Pigment Violet 29 (PV29) under its TSCA regulation; new draft adds previously confidential business data, solubility testing data, workplace air monitoring; concludes 11 of 14 conditions of use for PV29 pose unreasonable risk; toxicity debate ongoing also in Europe; EPA extends comment period for the revised draft until December 19, 2020

Ellen MacArthur Foundation publishes new upstream innovation guide

New report on upstream innovation introduces mindset, gives guidance to implement elimination, reuse, and material recirculation; demonstrates successful implementation in several case studies; provides interactive resources to stakeholders