Coca-Cola bottle made of marine plastics

Company presents trial bottle with 25% of ‘recovered and recycled marine plastics’ content

7th meeting of EFSA’s FCM Network

7th meeting of EFSA’s Food Contact Materials Network takes place on November 6-7, 2019, in Parma, Italy; focus on plastics and microplastics, assessment of mixtures, prioritization strategies for non-harmonized FCMs

U.S. authorities’, CHEM Trust’s recent efforts on PFAS

U.S. EPA submits proposals for significant new use rule for long-chain PFAS, additions to toxics release inventory; Connecticut PFAS task force publishes draft action plan, proposes to evaluate requiring disclosure of PFAS in products; CHEM Trust publishes briefing on PFAS calling for urgent action on the entire family of chemicals

HEAL publishes infographics on FCMs

New series of infographics by the Health and Environmental Alliance focuses on presence of chemicals in food contact materials, toxicity, plastics, and health effects; launched in connection with the Plastic Health Summit on October 3, 2019

Spanish biomonitoring study on plastic exposure

Published study investigates concentrations of 15 phthalates and 12 phenols in urine samples from 20 adults, finds highest concentrations of monoethylphthalate and methylparaben, all phthalates detectable in all adults

ECHA recommends 18 SVHCs for authorization

European Chemicals Agency recommends 18 substances of very high concern for addition to the authorization list, includes six food contact chemicals

Plastic tea bags release billions of particles

Researchers measure micro- and nanoplastics released from plastic tea bags during brewing; find over 14 billion particles released per bag, record dose-dependent behavioral and developmental effects on daphnia

EFSA working group updates: September 2019

Minutes from recent meetings of the EFSA working groups on BPS, BPA, FCMs, phthalates, and recycling plastic available

Zero Waste Europe webinar on chemical recycling

Webinar on November 12, 2019, to address techniques within chemical recycling, provide comparison with mechanical recycling, review current state of the technology and existing policies; includes speakers from Plastic Energy and DG Environment

Webinar on REACH requirements for nanoforms

European Chemicals Agency hosts webinar on November 12, 2019, to explain definition of nanoform, approaches to building sets of similar nanoforms, new REACH data requirements