NSF develops standard for recycled materials

Independent testing and certification organization announces new voluntary standard for recycled materials in products with minimum 20% recycled content; standard applies to entire supply chain, inspects social, environmental, chemical practices, restricts use of SVHCs, other substances of environmental and health concern

Edible label to reduce food packaging

Project with the University of Sunderland develops edible label that can be applied directly to foods and provides scannable code for users to access further information; aims to reduce need for additional packaging

Calls for reduced production instead of increased recycling

Greenpeace calls for reduction of single-use plastic production rather than promotion of recycling solutions; Plastic Pollution Coalition argues for promoting reuse rather than recycling; U.S. lawmakers discuss new bills under Save Our Seas Act, receive similar calls from stakeholders to favor reduction

Study finds microplastics harm immune cells

Researchers at University Medical Center Utrecht observe that immune cell death rate triples after contact with microplastics; presents results at Plastic Health Summit in Amsterdam on October 3, 2019

ExeMPLaR webinar series on plastics

University of Exeter research hub to host monthly webinars focusing on aspects within Regional Plastics project; first webinar takes place October 8, 2019; all events to be recorded and made available to registered members

7th International Symposium on Food Packaging

ILSI Europe to host conference on November 18-20, 2020 in Barcelona; topics include advancement in analytical techniques, toxicity prediction, risk assessment, FCMs in circular economy; abstracts now being accepted for presentations

Registration of polymers in REACH

NGO ChemSec argues that registering polymers under REACH is ‘overdue’; registration would provide vital information about polymers’ properties and use

Coca-Cola bottle made of marine plastics

Company presents trial bottle with 25% of ‘recovered and recycled marine plastics’ content

7th meeting of EFSA’s FCM Network

7th meeting of EFSA’s Food Contact Materials Network takes place on November 6-7, 2019, in Parma, Italy; focus on plastics and microplastics, assessment of mixtures, prioritization strategies for non-harmonized FCMs

U.S. authorities’, CHEM Trust’s recent efforts on PFAS

U.S. EPA submits proposals for significant new use rule for long-chain PFAS, additions to toxics release inventory; Connecticut PFAS task force publishes draft action plan, proposes to evaluate requiring disclosure of PFAS in products; CHEM Trust publishes briefing on PFAS calling for urgent action on the entire family of chemicals