Food Dive article on resurgence of glass

Article discusses the benefits and shortfalls of glass as a food packaging material, sees glass as viable option for the future as brands commit to recyclable and reusable packaging

EFSA phthalates working group: 10th meeting

EFSA’s CEP Panel working group on phthalates reviews summary statistics on the outcome of a public consultation on draft opinion of DBP, BBP, DEHP, DINP, DIDP; focus placed on reviewing comments related to the exposure assessment

FDA study finds PFAS in grocery store foods

Study presented by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration finds high levels of PFAS in some grocery store products, focus placed on sampling dairy farm near Air Force base and produce sold near PFAS production plant

EFSA FCM working group: 5th meeting

Minutes of the 5th meeting of EFSA’s CEP Panel working group on food contact materials now available online; continues risk-assessing several new FCMs, presents extensive summary of views on the current framework regulation

OECD framework for nanomaterials

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development publishes three reports focused on the safety of manufactured nanomaterials, provides framework with guidance on test methods for physico-chemical properties

Vermont and California legislation on single-use packaging

Bills in both states aim to curb the use of single-use packaging and products; Vermont bans polystyrene packaging, plastic bags, straws; California to reduce waste from single-use packaging and products by 75%, require recyclability or compostability

China calls for data on 24 substances

Chinese ministry requests data on physical-chemical properties, toxicity, production & use, environmental exposure for set of chemicals; 17 are used in food contact materials; feedback open until August 31, 2019

CPI health, safety, and industry conference

Confederation of Paper Industries hosts conference on July 9, 2019, with sessions focused on food contact materials, recyclability, extended producer responsibility

EU reviews metal limits in ceramic and glass FCMs

European Commission initiative to consider lowering migration limits for lead, cadmium, other heavy metals in ceramic, glass, and enamel food contact materials; feedback on roadmap open until June 26, 2019, full public consultation to follow

EU commission calls for additional FCM testing

European Commission asks EU member states to carry out additional tests to determine prevalence of substance migration from food contact materials and articles; recommendation targets primary aromatic amines, bisphenols, plasticizers, and fluorinated compounds