U.S. NGO requests ‘moratorium’ on new PFAS

U.S. NGO Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) calls on Congress to halt the introduction of new per- and polyfluoalkyl substances on the market until more is known about their toxicity and persistence; calls for more studies of cancer risks

Nordic declaration on ocean plastics

Environment and climate ministers of Nordic countries release declaration calling for ‘global agreement to combat marine plastic litter and microplastics’

Ecodesign of plastics

NGO ECOS launches study on ecodesign of plastics; anticipated report seeks to assess available policy tools, identify development needs

JRC updates footprint methods

European Commission Joint Research Center updates its product and organizational environmental footprint methods; now includes characterization factors for more chemicals describing freshwater ecotoxicity, non-cancer and cancer toxicity

Increase in demand for biodegradable films

Demand for biodegradable films forecasted to increase 5.4% annually, reach a market value of $122 million; growing composting infrastructure and government initiatives to reduce landfilling to boost growth

FDA bottleneck reviewing notifications

U.S. Food and Drug Administration behind in reviewing new food contact notifications; warns companies to submit thorough safety data given limited capacity for any process iterations

CHEM Trust: principles for EU FCM regulation

Non-governmental organization outlines five key principles to improve future regulation of food contact materials in the EU; aims to inform ongoing public consultation

Infographics on plastics and health

Gallifrey Foundation publishes infographics on life cycle stages of plastics and risks to human health

Thailand proposes standard for FCMs

Thailand notifies WTO of future mandatory standard for thermoset plastics derived from formaldehyde

German newspaper reports on plastic packaging

Plastic food packaging topic of article in German newspaper taz; focusing on regulation, knowledge gaps, recycling; experts provide background information