Toxicological and chemical profiling of plastic migrates

Scientific study investigates in vitro toxicity and composition of chemical mixtures migrating from everyday plastic products made of eight polymer types; demonstrates that thousands of chemicals can leach under realistic use conditions, including compounds toxic in vitro that contribute to human exposure; emphasizes the importance to rethink and redesign plastics to achieve safe materials

Study characterizes chemicals present within recycled products

Scientific study characterizes chemicals contained in 210 consumer products made of recycled or virgin material regarding identity, functional use, structural class, and origin and prioritizes chemicals; 65% of chemicals with greater concentrations in recycled materials, along with a higher number of flame retardants, biocides, dyes, and fragrances in recycled materials

Manufacturers share PFAS-free packaging recipe

Companies Zume and Solenis release recipe and manufacturing specifications to produce molded fiber packaging free of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS); alternative suitable for high temperatures, grease and water-resistant; decide to make the process freely available to speed the transition to safer packaging materials

FDA adds 13 new substances to FCS inventory

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) adds 13 new entries to its Inventory of Effective Food Contact Substances (FCS)

Hazard prioritization of printing inks and adhesives substances

Scientific study performs hazard prioritization on chemicals in printing inks and adhesives applied to plastic food packaging; uses publicly available “substances of concern” lists and an in silico tool; identifies 636 high and 1024 medium priority substances of which 696 ranked as “very high priority substances” by experts

EC seeks comments on CLP Regulation revision

European Commission (EC) opens public consultation period for the revision of EU legislation on hazard classification, labeling, and packaging of chemicals (CLP); seeks comments from all stakeholders through November 15, 2021

EPA updates safer chemical ingredients list

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) adds 36 chemicals to Safer Chemical Ingredients List, 22 used in food contact materials; four are classified as chemicals of potential concern according to FPF’s Food Contact Chemicals database

BfR publishes EU Food Safety Almanac

German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) publishes 5th edition of almanac; includes all the institutions in each EU Member State and ten neighboring countries responsible for food and feed safety, including packaging; provides diagram of institutional relationships and explains responsibilities of each institution

US FCM phthalate exposure prevention act introduced

Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kirsten Gillibrand introduce the Preventing Harmful Exposure to Phthalates Act into the US Senate; Representatives Ted Lieu and Katie Porter introduce companion legislation in the House of Representatives; bill would “prohibit [the] use of ortho-phthalates in food contact substances, including food packaging materials” (FCMs)

Studies examine bio-based active packaging and drivers to mitigate pollution

Literature review explores opportunities of bio-based active materials in food packaging applications and the circular economy; demonstrates high research interest in the topic over last 20 years; finds agro-industrial waste as promising, renewable, and environmentally friendly resource for bio-based materials; study finds circular economy to be the focus of perspective articles to mitigate plastic pollution but mismatch with psychosocial research