Review of tools and methods for polymer risk assessment

European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals (ECETOC) publishes report examining applicability of standard tools, test methods, and models for polymer risk assessment; describes identified technical limitations, gives recommendations for improving test guidelines

Mass balance principles for plastic recycling

American Chemistry Council (ACC) proposes principles for applying mass balance approach in plastics recycling; includes traceability across supply chain and third-party auditing to verify product claims

Dutch Plastic Pact publishes baseline data

Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) releases first progress report towards 2025 goals; provides data from 27 signatories on recycling potential and use of recycled plastics to serve as baseline; data still lacking on reuse, sorting, and quantity of hazardous substances in plastics

Definition and criteria for PSLT substances

Published report presents workshop outcomes; participants agree on definition for poorly soluble low toxicity (PSLT) particles, including titanium dioxide (TiO2); authors call for regulators to reassess current guidelines

Pandemic providing opportunity for packaging innovation, resilience

Episode of The Indisposable Podcast discusses coronavirus pandemic and how reusable packaging could expand and innovate to help businesses protect public health, save money, and increase resilience; argue that a shift backward to single-use packaging not needed

Stakeholders comment on farm to fork strategy

Non-governmental organizations call for improved and mandatory sharing of chemical and safety data across packaging supply chain; industry associations request clear regulations, more harmonization of EU rules

California develops definition for microplastics

State Water Resource Control Board for the U.S. state of California publishes draft definition for microplastics in drinking water, criteria include having at least 2 dimensions in 1 – 5,000 µm range; public comments accepted until April 24, 2020

Canada identifies four parabens for toxic substances list

Government publishes draft screening assessment of 7 parabens, identifies 4 to present danger to human health or environment at current levels of exposure; proposed risk management published; findings open for public comment until May 13, 2020

EASAC report on plastic packaging and circular economy

European Academies’ Science Advisory Council provides seven recommendations to EU policymakers for transitioning to circular economy; include banning plastic waste exports, extending producer responsibility, ‘end misleading about bio-based alternatives’, limiting additives and resins

European Plastics Pact launched

Public-private partnership sets targets for signatories by 2025; includes designing all packaging to be re-useable or at least recyclable, reducing virgin plastics by 20%, increasing recycling by 25%, having 30% recycled content