German newspaper reports on plastic packaging

Plastic food packaging topic of article in German newspaper taz; focusing on regulation, knowledge gaps, recycling; experts provide background information

EFSA FCM working group: 4th meeting

Minutes of the 4th meeting of EFSA’s CEP Panel working group on food contact materials now available online; WG continues risk-assessing several new FCMs, discusses prioritization of substances listed in the EU food contact plastics regulation without specific migration limits

Assessment of EDC authorizations by ECHA

European Chemicals Agency to work on authorization applications for octylphenol and nonylphenol ethoxylates; both threshold and non-threshold assessment approaches can be considered

ECHA to prioritize REACH enforcement

European Chemicals Agency asks national enforcement agencies to prioritize enforcement of REACH evaluation decisions; proposes to review all dossier hazard data for substances above 1 metric ton by 2027

Special journal issue on food safety

European Association for Food Safety releases special issue of the journal Trends in Food Science and Technology; contains 22 review articles across five food safety themes

Emerging chemical risks in food

Study by European Food Safety Authority identifies 212 substances fully registered under REACH to pose ‘potential chemical risks’ in the food chain

EFSA plastics recycling working group: 4th meeting

EFSA’s CEP Panel working group on recycling plastics holds 4th meeting; minutes now available online

EFSA phthalates working group: 8th meeting

EFSA’s CEP Panel working group on phthalates supports EFSA webinar on the risk assessment of phthalates used in plastic food contact materials; webinar now available to watch online

UK keeps FCM legislation in no-deal Brexit

United Kingdom’s Parliament passes legislation to regulate food contact materials in case no deal is reached with the EU; copies current EU legislation with potential future trade impacts if EU laws further develop

NGO recommends REACH improvements

European Environmental Bureau publishes report reviewing the achievements, challenges, and recommendations following a decade of the EU’s chemical regulation REACH; calls for timely risk management of evaluated substances, improved transparency, and expanded registration checks