BfR statement on bamboo cups and tableware

German institute for risk assessment publishes position statement on melamine-formaldehyde resins, including tableware made with bamboo fibers; warns consumers against using such tableware with hot liquids; recommends lowering specific migration limit of formaldehyde in EU regulation from 15 to 6 mg/kg

Civil Eats review article: PFAS in food packaging

Presents overview of recent efforts from packaging industry, civil society, and regulators in regard to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in food packaging; widespread awareness and focus on pollution and alternatives bring the issue into public spotlight

First annual EU forum on endocrine disruptors

Event brings together EU government agencies, research institutions, stakeholders to discuss endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs); Joint Research Centre (JRC) announces upcoming launch of stakeholder survey to inform ongoing fitness check of EU legislation

Letter urges EU ministers to reject microplastics restriction

34 NGOs and alliances recommend environment ministers reject ECHA’s current proposed restriction on microplastics, cite concerns over exceptions included for biodegradable microplastics and exceptionally long transition periods

Bulk food in supermarkets: growth and challenges

Article by Civil Eats discusses the rise of bulk food dispensers in grocery stores to reduce food packaging and challenges they face; presents initiatives from larger chains including re-use of customers’ containers; addresses food safety concerns, need for educating consumers

Industry sets 90% glass collection target for EU

European glass container industry association sets target for glass collection to 90% by 2030; launches ‘Close the Glass Loop’ stewardship program

Retailer report card on chemical safety

‘Mind the Store’ campaign publishes updated report scoring 43 major North American retailers on their actions to remove toxic chemicals from their products; finds improvement over past year in 63% of companies reviewed, focus has been on eliminating PFAS, ortho-phthalates, and bisphenols from products

BfR answers questions on PFAS and aluminum

German risk assessment institute publishes answers to common questions regarding per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and aluminum, including exposure sources and pathways, health risks, regulatory limits; releases position statement on aluminum intake, recommends avoiding use of uncoated aluminum for food contact

SVI annual conference 2020

Swiss Packaging Institute (SVI) to hold annual event on January 14, 2020; presentations will focus on packaging in the circular economy with a focus on plastic and paperboard packaging; registration open until December 15

EFSA risk assessment of MOAH in infant formula

Rapid risk assessment uses data submitted by member states, previous Foodwatch study; finds 95th percentile exposure of 0.8 to 44.6 µg/kg body weight per day; lack of data leads EFSA to conclude possible concern for human health