Updated report on microplastics

Researchers at University of Gothenburg publish report on microplastics in the environment; examine occurrence, presence in food chain, toxicity effects, risk assessment

OECD webinar on plastics

Webinar focused on improving plastics recycling rates, avoiding environmental impacts; built on earlier OECD report

NGO: Incinerators challenge waste management

European Environmental Bureau reports on high per capita waste generation, funding of incinerators inhibiting waste prevention and recycling

UN outlook for chemicals

United Nations publishes Global Chemicals Outlook report for policy makers; calls for more ambitious actions to minimize impacts of chemicals and waste

OECD urges restricted substances list for plastics

OECD report suggests establishing global list of restricted substances for plastics manufacturing in order to ‘support quality and consistency in recycling’

Negative list of packaging materials

Nestlé publishes a list of materials to be avoided in its packaging because of recycling difficulties, including PVC, PVDC, PS, ePS, regenerated cellulose, unrecyclable multilayers; industry association counters that ePS can be recycled

Webinar on microplastics now available online

Recording of Collaborative on Health and Environment’s recent webinar on microplastics now available online for streaming

Webinar on bioplastics

News provider Plastic News Europe to host live webinar on ‘Bioplastics: Myths and Truths’

Proposed restriction on microplastics

ECHA proposes restriction on microplastic particles intentionally added to mixtures across consumer and professional products

Reports on substitution and alternatives assessment

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) publishes two reports; review approaches to support alternatives assessment and substitution of chemicals of concern