High exposure to perfluorinated compound linked to kidney, testicular cancer in humans

New epidemiological study finds association between high PFOA contamination in drinking water and kidney and testicular cancer, confirming earlier research

Epidemiological study links BPA to childhood asthma, but cannot confirm earlier findings

New study finds postnatal BPA exposure to be positively and prenatal exposure to be negatively associated with risk of wheezing in children

PFOA linked to kidney cancer, testicular cancer in humans

FPF reports on new epidemiological study that investigates the association between kidney cancer, testicular cancer and exposure to perfluorinated compound

Natural Resources Defense Council sues US FDA for failing to regulate chemical used in soaps

The Natural Resources Defense Council will be able to prove the danger of triclosan before the New York court

Warmer summer, higher BPA exposure

New study investigates the association between water consumption from PC dispensers and uBPA levels

New study tests endocrine disrupting properties of Tritan™

New plastic Tritan™ shown to contain traces of BPA and benzylbutyl phthalate, no endocrine disrupting effects found for total migrate

Phthalates detected in US food products

First study to report levels of 9 different phthalates in various food products from the US market

New study assesses safety of active packaging

Antimicrobial food packaging tested for its intended migration into food, no uptake of the active substance and related migrants via food concluded

European Parliament adopts report on endocrine disruptors

Report sends clear message to the European Commission to act on endocrine disrupting chemicals

EFSA authorizes new PET recycling process

EFSA authorized the PET recycling process “Holfeld Diamant” for food contact