BPA disrupts human egg maturation

New study investigates effect of BPA exposure on human egg development and infers link to infertility

New baseline for BPA exposure?

Environmental Health Perspectives reports on new sublingual BPA study, may set new baseline for BPA exposure

ACC: BPA levels too high to predict egg cell maturation in humans

American Chemistry Council responds to study linking BPA exposure to disrupted egg cell maturation

Tox21 Update

Environmental Health Perspectives reports on Tox21 advances, issues from Phase I to be resolved in Phase II

US states oppose proposed TSCA reform

LA Times reports that nine US states consider bipartisan proposal flawed, may cripple existing chemical regulations

NGO statement on child feeding and chemical residues

Non-profit organization IBFAN advises mothers to breastfeed irrespective of chemical burden, chemical contaminants present in both breast milk and infant foods

ACC applauds EFSA draft opinion on BPA

American Chemistry Council responds to publication of EFSA’s new draft scientific opinion on BPA exposure

Chinese TV reports banned plasticizer in plastic food wrap

China Central TV collects plastic wrapped products in supermarkets, finds high levels of DEHA in majority of samples

Early BPA exposure linked to hyperactivity, depression and anxiety in boys

New study investigates effect of prenatal and childhood BPA exposure on behavior in school aged children

BPA causes metabolic changes at low, but not at high dose

New study investigates effects of prenatal BPA exposure on metabolism in vivo