Researchers blend renewably sourced plastic with natural biocide to create active packaging

Chitosan, polycaprolactone and wheat based polymers combine to make novel food packaging with biocidal and water scavenging properties, new research published by French researchers

EU Commission publishes endocrine disruptor expert report

Scientific expert advisory group shares views on scientific issues relevant to endocrine disrupting chemicals

France sets deadline for the obligation to declare nanomaterials

The first country to oblige firms manufacturing, distributing and importing nanomaterials to report on their use

Advantages and risks of polymer nanomaterials

Conference on polymer nanomaterials unites scientists from all over Europe to discuss their research

Extended timeline: EFSA to publish BPA report in November

EFSA publicly consult on the scientific opinion on BPA in July, before publishing the final version in November

BfR suggests a three step procedure for evaluating EDCs

BfR publishes a proposal for the evaluation of endocrine disrupting chemicals based on hazard identification, hazard characterization and subsequent regulator decision making

EFSA publishes EDC report

EFSA suggests risk assessment for endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and raises criticisms from NGOs and industry

Melamine’s toxicity linked to gut bacteria

Microbiological intestinal breakdown to cyanuric acid a plausible explanation for kidney stone formation, according to a new scientific study

ChemSec list identifies 249 new Substances of Very High Concern

ChemSec publishes updated Substitute it now! List 2.1, 33 substances also authorized for plastic food contact materials in Europe

High exposure to perfluorinated compound linked to kidney, testicular cancer in humans

New epidemiological study finds association between high PFOA contamination in drinking water and kidney and testicular cancer, confirming earlier research