BPA causes abnormal breast growth in mice

Study connects prenatal low dose exposure to BPA with abnormal breast growth in mice

EC report on REACH concludes that EU is safer and stirs debate

EC Report reviewing REACH concludes that chemical safety in the EU has increased significantly, critics point to slow market removal of hazardous substances

What are the reasons for declining fertility in men?

French study finds declining fertility amongst French men since the 1990s, researchers speculate about the reasons

Biomonitoring of melamine after plastic bowl use

Taiwanese researchers measure increased levels of melamine in people after consumption of a hot soup from melamine plastic table ware

Safety concerns regarding triclosan persist

Regulatory safety evaluation of triclosan comes under critique as FDA review is delayed

Non-profit group finds nanomaterials from packaging in food

Non-profit group finds titanium dioxide nanomaterial from packaging in donuts

EFSA: Scientific Committee meets to discuss endocrine disruption

EFSA’s Scientific Committee will discuss endocrine disruption and chemical mixtures during its plenary session

New study: Chronic diseases caused by chemical exposures in great-grandmothers

Epigenetic mechanisms thought to be responsible for health effects in rat offspring after great-grandmothers were exposed to a chemical mixture during pregnancy

New scientific study compares migrants, toxicity of glass and PET

French researchers find migrants from PET, glass into bottled waters and test for mutagenicity, cytotoxicity and endocrine disruption

EFSA publishes report of member state meeting on BPA

EFSA made a full report of the EU Member State meeting on BPA in October available online