EFSA video on food contact materials

Public outreach series on risk assessment, EFSA publishes new video about food packaging 

French government seeks public input on EDCs

Public consultation on endocrine disruptors report launched by French ministries for environment and health

US obesity rates remain high

New NGO report reveals overall high obesity incidence in the entire U.S., rates of increase slowing down since 2005

BPA associated with asthma, less oocytes

A new study links BPA with altered lung structure, increased risk of asthma and reduced oocyte count  

Plastic chemicals affect children’s health

Two new scientific studies making headlines, one linking BPA to childhood obesity, the other links the phthalate DEHP to insulin resistance

Extending the use of bioplastics in food packaging

New study reviews the application of bioplastics in food packaging: coating, blending and chemical/physical modification can improve functionality, migration issues still to be resolved

New FPF report: Bioplastics in food packaging

Coating, blending, and chemical/physical modifications can improve properties of bioplastics, migration issues not addressed

Nature: FDA to issue GRAS guidance

The science journal editorial comments that US oversight of food additives is contaminated, FDA responds with new guidance plans

New food testing market analysis

Market analyst RNCOS publishes new report, reviews developments in US, Europe, India and China

Toxicologists respond to Pew Trusts studies

Food Navigator USA article addresses food additive system criticism, states the analysis lacks differentiation