No migration of nanomaterials into food reported

German researcher presents on the migration of nanomaterials in plastics at PlasticsEurope event

Plasticizers in Chinese wine

Chinese Alcoholic Drinks Association admits that virtually all wine contains phthalates

Concerns over BPA affects metal packaging market

New market report predicts health concerns over BPA may affect the global metal packaging market

NGO criticizes EFSA opinion on EDCs

PAN Europe submits an open letter to the Commissioner Borg criticizing EFSA’s endocrine active substance definition

ECETOC publishes report on dermal exposure

Dermal exposure assessment to complete chemical risk assessment

Industry association complains to EU Commission about French BPA ban

PlasticsEurope concerned that French BPA regulation will disrupt the EU market

Human exposure to BPA—scientific evidence discussed

Review article discusses the scientific evidence for human exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) and explains the current controversy about biomonitoring data, criticizing FDA and EFSA scientific opinions

Minnesota bans products containing triclosan for state government

Minnesota stops buying consumer products containing triclosan over safety concerns

Pittsfield discusses polystyrene ban

The U.S. city Pittsfield may ban polystyrene food packaging due to health and environmental concerns

2 US states propose ‘not recyclable’ labeling of biodegradable plastic containers

Law modifying recycled plastics labeling proposed in North Carolina and Alabama, aiming to limit contamination of recycling streams