Hazardous chemicals in European products: new SCIP database

European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) launches database of all notifications from EU companies of products containing Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs); contains over 4 million article notifications from 6000 companies; includes articles such as food processors; Swedish Chemicals Agency launches pilot project to identify potentially hazardous chemicals early in product design process

The Daily Show features chemical migration

In segment Count on It Dulcé Sloan interviews experts on ‘the sperm recession;’ reports semen volume, sperm count has declined in last 50 years while erectile dysfunction, testicular cancer has increased; discusses chemical pollution from plastics, personal care products as potential causes

JRC Symposium compares microplastic analysis methods

European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) symposium summarizes current approaches for microplastic monitoring; research institutions present results of 4 inter-laboratory microplastic analysis comparison studies; no ‘one-size-fits-all’ analytical method, presenters emphasize need for harmonization; Commission outlines policy needs

California overhauling packaging recyclability labeling

First in US regulation to only allow recyclability labels on packaging if > 60% of the population has access to suitable recycling facilities; bill supported by local recyclers to reduce recycling contamination; Governor expected to sign into law by October 10, 2021

Plastic packaging: A risk to food companies?

New report of NGO ClientEarth explores risks of single-use plastic packaging; warns investors that food companies and supermarkets neglecting plastic pollution-related risk to face reputational damage and legal action

Study finds UV stabilizers with endocrine-disrupting potential in plastics

Research study identifies 8 of 13 benzotriazole UV stabilizers (BUVSs) as endocrine disruptors; finds 8 of 9 tested BUVSs in polyolefin packaging

Study links phthalate exposure and thyroid function in humans

Scientific study investigates effect of plasticizer exposure during pregnancy on thyroid function; outcomes suggest several phthalate metabolites disrupt thyroid hormone levels; finds association of phthalate-alternative DINCH with thyroxine levels

Another step towards a UN plastics treaty

Peru and Rwanda introduce a draft resolution to negotiate a global plastic pollution treaty at the inaugural United Nations Ministerial Conference on marine litter and plastic pollution; 33 countries sign on as co-sponsors; more than 80 other nations support a UN resolution on plastics

New Zealand symposium on food safety

First session of the New Zealand Food Safety Science & Research Centre annual symposium is a webinar on chemical contaminants in food; presentation on New Zealand-wide project to study impacts of microplastics on human health and natural resources; new project developing guidelines to help food industry navigate the use of food packaging containing recycled material

FPF comments on UN food systems summit strategy paper

Food Packaging Forum director comments on report outlining food packaging opportunities for the upcoming UN Food Systems Summit; suggests including plastic pollution as a food systems issue for discussion