REACH not able to identify EDCs, recommendations for improvement

Danish Minister for the Environment submits input for the REACH review on EDCs to Danish parliament, report suggests inclusion of further endpoints and adding of dose levels

Opinion: Concerns about EDCs in surface waters

Daily newspaper criticizes lack of funding and guidance on how to protect public waters

Preventing BPA from leaching into food

Firm files patent for BPA capture system with US Patent Office

Plastic food contact materials under fire in Massachusetts communities

Various towns in Massachusetts, US discuss banning single use plastic bags, repeal of PET bottle ban fails

26 FCM substances monitored under NHANES biomonitoring project

New FPF list shows NHANES substances that are legally used in food contact materials in Europe and the US

Opinion: Not to worry about BPA in urine

Journalist Entine criticizes NBC “Dateline” story and its news coverage by the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC)

Aluminum kitchen ware replacement to protect high risk group

New study estimates the dietary exposure to aluminum and evaluates the contribution of kitchen ware

Opinion: use inert containers when heating food

An article published in the Wall Street Journal points to chemical exposures from plastic food containers

Global Action on EDCs needed

NGO sends letter to UN officials

BPA in the urine of 95 % of Canadians

Health Canada publishes new biomonitoring data