UK to tax plastic packaging

UK government plans introducing tax on all plastic packaging containing less than 30% recycled content by April 2022

“New” endocrine disruptors identified

Danish researchers produce list of 9 “new” endocrine disrupting chemicals identified according to EU EDC criteria; some substances relevant for food contact

Global commitment to tackle plastic pollution

Ellen MacArthur Foundation initiates New Plastics Economy Global Commitment to stop plastic pollution at source; 290+ organizations pledge to eliminate, innovate, circulate plastic packaging

Webinar on substituting hazardous chemicals

ChemSec held webinar on online tool Marketplace, HCPP project; alternatives assessment for phthalates by Northwest Green Chemistry presented

EFSA phthalates working group: 2nd meeting

EFSA’s CEP Panel working group on phthalates reassesses safety of DBP, BBP and DEHP for food contact plastics; updated meeting minutes now available online

Database of plastic packaging chemicals

New scientific publication by Food Packaging Forum researchers and partners presents database of chemicals associated with plastic packaging (CPPdb) in detail

BizNGO annual meeting 2018

Business and environment collaboration BizNGO holds annual meeting on December 4-5, 2018, in Berkeley, U.S.; registration now open

Businesses’ approach to safer chemicals

Fourth edition of Chemical Watch’s “Business guide to safer chemicals” highlights work by Coop Denmark and Sherwin-Williams to replace bisphenol A and other hazardous chemicals in food packaging

New EFSA FCM working group: 1st meeting

EFSA’s CEP Panel working group on food contact materials holds 1st meeting; minutes now available online

Photoinitiator industries form trade group

Producers and distributors of photoinitiators plan to form ‘Photoinitiators Platform’ to provide unified representation in REACH and FCM matters