ILSI Europe webinar on key food packaging concepts

European branch of International Life Sciences Institute (ISLI) to hold webinar on June 12, 2020 exploring the balance of food packaging functionality and convenience with safety and sustainability

NGOs launch FCM policy brief, newsletter

Zero Waste Europe publishes policy brief reviewing hazardous chemicals in food packaging, proposing EU policy changes to address them; partners launch newsletter providing updates on key legislation and related food contact material (FCM) resources

Chinese authorities approve new additives, resins for FCMs

Seven new additives and ten new resins approved for use in food contact materials (FCMs), others received expanded scope of use

Report investigates greenhouse gas emissions, packaging, and food waste

National Zero Waste Council (NZWC) reviews 4 packaging materials across 12 product types, examines how packaging can be optimized to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by both preventing food waste and minimizing material packaging waste

ECHA online event discusses legislation goals

ECHA director presents interest in a single assessment approach for each substance to minimize burden, harmonize data structure across legislations; DG Environment director outlines EU goals for safer chemicals, leading transition to safe chemicals and non-chemical alternatives

Webinar on non-monotonicity of BPA

Food Packaging Forum holds webinar featuring presentation from researchers at Tufts University, discusses recent study observing non-monotonic dose-responses in mammary gland development of rats from exposure to bisphenol A (BPA)

Study warns of perchlorate effects

Scientists led by Vanderbilt University and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine identify mechanism perchlorate uses to block iodine uptake in thyroid cells, argue pollution in drinking water more dangerous than previously thought

ECHA report on alternatives to animal testing

Fourth report from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) finds little change since 2017, number of alternative testing adaptations continuing to increase; read-across most commonly applied followed by data-waiving and weight of evidence approaches

GAIA: chemical recycling a distraction not solution

Alliance of non-governmental organizations Global Initiative for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) publishes technical report and research briefing on chemical recycling technologies for plastic waste; identifies limitations related to environmental emissions, carbon footprint, scale-up, economic viability; argues chemical recycling does not fit within circular economy

Researchers develop inexpensive edible coating for fruits

Indian National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute publishes study showing edible composite coating made from wheat straw extends shelf life of royal delicious apples over 30-day period without refrigeration; seen as inexpensive solution without need for post-harvest processing and cold storage