Retailer report card on chemical safety

‘Mind the Store’ campaign publishes updated report scoring 43 major North American retailers on their actions to remove toxic chemicals from their products; finds improvement over past year in 63% of companies reviewed, focus has been on eliminating PFAS, ortho-phthalates, and bisphenols from products

BfR answers questions on PFAS and aluminum

German risk assessment institute publishes answers to common questions regarding per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and aluminum, including exposure sources and pathways, health risks, regulatory limits; releases position statement on aluminum intake, recommends avoiding use of uncoated aluminum for food contact

SVI annual conference 2020

Swiss Packaging Institute (SVI) to hold annual event on January 14, 2020; presentations will focus on packaging in the circular economy with a focus on plastic and paperboard packaging; registration open until December 15

EFSA risk assessment of MOAH in infant formula

Rapid risk assessment uses data submitted by member states, previous Foodwatch study; finds 95th percentile exposure of 0.8 to 44.6 µg/kg body weight per day; lack of data leads EFSA to conclude possible concern for human health

Report envisions smart supermarkets with less packaging

Greenpeace publishes report presenting alternative technologies and approaches to remove single-use packaging from grocery stores; presents example case studies applicable to fresh foods, personal products, take-away, checkout, and online shopping

2019 Chemical Footprint Project survey results

Survey reports an increase in participation to 31 businesses, improved chemicals management score from 53 to 67%; 209’000 metric tons hazardous chemicals removed from businesses over past four years

SIN List update includes 20 food contact chemicals

ChemSec announces major update to Substitute It Now (SIN) List, adds 47 new chemicals including including persistent, mobile, and toxic substances, carbon nanotubes; announcement event brings together stakeholders to discuss clean circular economy

ECHA inspection: failures to communicate SVHCs in articles

European Chemicals Agency pilot enforcement project finds 12% of inspected articles contain substances of very high concern (SVHCs) with 88% of suppliers failing to sufficiently communicate to customers; calls for improved communication in the supply chain

Ways towards more sustainable packaging

Brands, packaging producers and other stakeholders gather in Barcelona to discuss sustainable packaging; current focus on increasing recycling, but packaging reduction and reuse are the mid-term aims; chemical safety only touched upon briefly

Study appraisal for BPA reassessment

European Food Safety Authority completes study appraisal methodology for BPA reassessment; final version of assessment protocol to be published later with new BPA opinion