On February 20-21, 2019, the Papiertechnische Stiftung (‘Paper Technology Foundation’, PTS) held its annual conference on paper and board in contact with food. The event took place in Dresden, Germany. Presenters from public authorities, industry associations, consulting firms, research institutes, and the food and packaging industry provided insights into the latest legal, scientific, and technical developments in the field. Topics of the first day were related to conformity with food legislation and food safety. The presentations covered, e.g., mineral oil hydrocarbons, non-intentionally added substances (NIAS), the current risk assessment of titanium dioxide and examples from enforcement studies. On the second day, recycling of paper and board, microplastic, and hygiene requirements were highlighted. Details of research projects presented by PTS members are summarized in the PTS research database.

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PTS (2019). “Papier und Karton im Lebensmittelkontakt – Aktuelle Entwicklungen.

PTS (February 20-21, 2019). “Conference program.“ (pdf, in German)