In an article published on January 15, 2018, news provider Plastics News Europe (PNE) informed that Dutch company Synvina will extend the pilot phase of its furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA, CAS 3238-40-2) production by 24 to 36 months. FDCA is the main chemical building block for polyethylene furanoate (PEF, no CAS number available) which is a new bio-based polymer with potential food contact applications (FPF reported). In a feasibility assessment for commercial-scale production of FDCA, Synvina identified “some steps [in the technical process] that require improvement,” PNE reported. The company will take time to resolve the technical challenges and improve the efficiency of the process. The commercial-scale reference plant is now expected to be operational by 2023-2024. It was previously announced to run by 2021 (FPF reported).

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PNE (January 15, 2018). “Synvina extends PEF pilot phase.