An article published on January 5, 2017 by Plastics News Europe informed that on December 16, 2016 the mayor of Paris, France, has announced a ban on the use of conventional plastic carrier bags in the city’s supermarkets, now allowing only compostable bags along with paper and cotton bags for primary packaging. According to the mayor’s office, this decision supports Paris’ efforts to become a leader in the “fight against climate change and the campaign for a circular economy.” In addition, “public awareness workshops” will be held to “educate the public on different types of existing degradable and biodegradable bags.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. state Michigan has officially banned plastic bag bans, as Lorraine Chow informed in her article published on December 29, 2016 by EcoWatch. The bill makes it “illegal for local governments in Michigan to enact ordinances that ban or place fees on plastic bags or disposable containers used by stores and restaurants.” According to Chow, local plastic bag ordinances are also banned in Wisconsin, Idaho, Florida, and Arizona, while in California a state-wide ban on plastic bags has been finally approved by a public vote in November 2016 (FPF reported).

Washtenaw County of Michigan planned to introduce grocery bag fees in 2017; its Commissioner, Jennifer Eyer, commented that the new law “[puts] the priorities of business over the concerns about the environment, and doing what’s good for the environment.”

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