In an article published on April 15, 2019, news provider Food Dive informed about a new formulation for produce stickers that is able to extend the shelf life of produce by up to fourteen days. The food tech startup StixFresh is reported to have developed a solution of secondary metabolites “from all natural ingredients” that “are slowly released over time, providing the fruit with an added cloak of protection during transit or on the shelf.”  It extends the shelf life of avocados, citrus fruits, mangos, and apples. “We are looking for producers and distributors to use their existing stickers with their branding on them. We just apply our formulation to the surface of that sticker,” said Moody Soliman, the CEO and co-founder of StixFresh. Trials of the coated stickers are reported to have been promising and to also promote sweetness, moisture retention, and firmness. The company says that “the ingredients used in StixFresh meet GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) requirements in accordance with the FDA [Food and Drug Administration].”

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Lauren Manning (April 15, 2019). “How a simple sticker may help stick it to produce waste for good.” Food Dive