In an article published on April 8, 2016 the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) announced that it will reopen certain registration dossiers for a new completeness check. Initially, the focus will be on the dossiers for the substance charcoal. A recent ruling by the agency’s Board of Appeal (BoA) stated that ECHA “has failed to adequately examine the completeness of [a registrant’s] dossier” (FPF reported). The ruling clarified that “ECHA can request further information through a completeness check and revoke a registration if any missing information is not given within a specific deadline set by the Agency,” ECHA writes. Therefore, ECHA will now reevaluate the dossiers in its database to verify that the information provided by registrants is complete and meaningful. If a dossier is found to be incomplete, the registrant must update the dossier with the missing information within a reasonable deadline. If the missing information is provided within the deadline, the registered substance can remain on the market without interruption. Otherwise, the registration will lose its validity and the registrant will lose market access.

Further, ECHA will introduce an enhanced automated completeness check later in 2016. “The revised completeness check will include a manual verification of certain data elements that cannot be checked automatically,” ECHA states. This shall prevent registrants from misusing the system by adding irrelevant information to bypass an information requirement, for both new registration submissions and updates of existing registrations.

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