In an article published on September 27, 2016 by news provider Plastics News, reporter Jim Johnson informs about a new study showing that up to 50% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) content can be used in hot-fill bottles without any “significant adverse impact.” The study was prepared by U.S. company Plastic Technologies, Inc. (PTI), specializing in the technical development of PET. PTI studied rPET resins at 25%-, 50%-, and 100%-levels in 500 mL bottles and preforms weighing 27 g, and tested elements such as top load performance, wall thickness, color, haze, crystallinity, and acetaldehyde content. According to PTI, “even at 100 percent rPET resin use, the performance of the bottle used in this study was still acceptable.” However, at high rPET levels yellowing and haze of the generally thicker walls of the hot-fill bottles increased. Also, shrinkage increased slightly when the rPET content was more than 50%. PTI noted that these aesthetics did not impact performance and the bottles still met specifications. “The aesthetics of the package will dictate the level of rPET acceptable for a particular application,” PTI concluded.

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Jim Johnson (September 27, 2016). “Study says hot-fill bottles can use more recycled PET.Plastics News