On December 23, 2020, news provider Europäischer Wirtschaftsdienst (EUWID) reported that aluminum can recycling across European countries has increased to 76.2% – an increase of 2% compared to 2018.

Both industry associations Metal Packaging Europe (MPE) and European Aluminum reported that 34 billion cans were recycled in 2018, which corresponds to a weight of 457 000 tonnes. Apart from EU countries, the estimation also included Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland. Among all of these countries, Germany had the highest recycling rate (99%), followed by Belgium, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, and Luxembourg with rates varying between 93 and 98%.

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EUWID (December 23, 2020). „Recyclingquote von Getränkedosen aus Aluminium steigt in Europa auf über 76 Prozent.“