A new report published on November 12, 2019 by non-governmental organization Greenpeace presents a vision for achieving ‘smart supermarkets’ that adapt alternative technologies to avoid single-use packaging. The report is structured into sections covering approaches that can be applied to different product types and store components including fresh foods, staple goods, personal and home care products, take-away, checkout, and online shopping. It presents alternative packaging technologies with references and links to existing case studies such as: laser food labeling, banana leave wrappings, self-filling stations, reusable take-away containers, package-free cosmetics, and reusable shopping bag schemes.

“It’s time to build smarter supermarkets,” said Kate Melges from Greenpeace. “Globally, we’re starting to see examples of retailers moving away from plastics and throwaway packaging, but not at the urgency and scale needed to address this crisis, especially in the U.S. market. This report should serve as a model for retailers to follow, and [it] shows that it is possible to end our throwaway culture for the sake of our oceans, waterways, and communities.”

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Greenpeace (November 12, 2019). “Greenpeace report envisions supermarket without single-use plastics and packaging.”


Greenpeace (November 12, 2019). “The smart supermarket: How retailers can innovate beyond single-use plastics and packaging.” (pdf)