On January 15, 2019, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) published two reports within their series on risk management focusing on the alternatives assessment and substitution of chemicals of concern.

The first is a synthesis report on a workshop organized by the OECD in May 2018. Topics for discussion at the workshop included “approaches used to support alternative assessments and substitution; the strengths of the approaches and challenges to design and implementation, the link between innovation and progress in substitution and alternatives assessment; and initiatives to facilitate data sharing and other collaborative efforts.”

The second is an analysis “that describes and gives a list of approaches developed across countries and by different stakeholders to support alternatives assessment and substitution of chemicals of concern.”

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Chemycal (January 31, 2019). “Substitution of hazardous chemicals. 2 new OECD reports.


OECD (January 15, 2019). “Synthesis Report: OECD Workshop on Approaches to Support Substitution and Alternatives Assessment.” (pdf)

OECD (January 15, 2019). “Cross Country Analysis: Approaches to Support Alternatives Assessment and Substitution of Chemicals of Concern.(pdf)