On August 30, 2013 the peer reviewed journal Reproductive Toxicology published an extensive review paper titled “Bisphenol A and Human Health: A review of the literature”. The study’s author, Johanna R. Rochester from The Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX), reviews 91 recent studies focusing on detrimental effects of Bisphenol A (BPA) on human health. 53 of the reviewed studies were published within the last year. The review redraws inter alia associations between prenatal and postnatal BPA exposure, and adverse reproductive and developmental effects, as well as metabolic diseases. Thereby, the study addresses effects ranging from perinatal to adult health outcomes. The scientist emphasizes the challenge of making causal claims based on epidemiological studies. Yet, she points to the growing literature on the effects of BPA exposure in both humans and animal studies suggesting detrimental effects in humans and especially in children. Based on the compiled literature and the recommendations by others, the author stresses the importance to reevaluate the regulation of BPA.

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Rochester, J.R. (2013). “Bisphenol A and Human Health: A review of the literature.” Reproductive Toxicology (published online August 30, 2013).