On November 8, 2019, the investment bank Landolt and Cie held a conference under the theme “Revolution in Food Packaging” in Geneva, Switzerland. The event brought together an expert panel from the fields of food contact material safety, recycling, paper packaging, oxo-biodegradable films, and ingredient innovation and responsible sourcing. Panel members presented to a range of stakeholders interested in investing in the improvement of food packaging. An article published by Heidi News reported on the event and on the focus placed on the issue of chemicals in food packaging.

Jane Muncke from the Food Packaging Forum was a member of the expert panel and spoke about the lack of awareness surrounding the chemical safety of food packaging. “The subject of the effects of chemicals in food packaging is complicated. It’s scary to say: you swallow about 5 grams of plastic per week, or the weight of a credit card. But it remains abstract to say that we find DDT, bisphenol, nonylphenols, pesticides in the body. These substances don’t have the same emotional impact as plastic.” In her presentation, she emphasized the impact these chemicals can have. “Some chemicals work like hormones and disrupt our hormonal system. The latter controls our health, and by disrupting that, everything gets disrupted. This point is not taken into account in the risk assessment of chemicals used in the production of packaging in contact with food.”

Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, Jacques Dubochet, attended the event and showed a keen interest in the importance of the topic. “I want to better understand the issues related to packaging. And when I hear the messages from Jane Muncke, I am surprised that the financial decision-makers present do not stand up immediately to act and invest in safer and less polluting products.”

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