On March 3, 2021, US drug store company Rite Aid announced the expansion of its restricted substances list (RSL) to 69 substances and introduced a specific RSL for food contact materials (FCMs). The company requires suppliers of its privately branded products to certify compliance with its chemicals management policy.

Substances included in the new FCM restricted list are not allowed to be intentionally added to food packaging nor exceed limits set by the company. Rite Aid added five heavy metals, all ortho-phthalates, all per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFASs), perchlorate (CAS 14797-73-0), five bisphenols, benzophenone (CAS 119-61-9), and four solvents to the list. The full list with set limits can be found on the company’s chemical policy website.

Rite Aid reports that it has already achieved 98% compliance with its previous chemicals commitment from 2018, and it will continue to screen all formulated products against the 69 substances on its list using the automated WERCSmart platform that requires suppliers to report all ingredients of a formulated product.

“Rite Aid’s RxEvolution is about promoting whole health, and we’re dedicated to ensuring that our merchandise is aligned to that goal,” said Erik Keptner, chief of marketing and merchandising at Rite Aid. “We’re proud of our work to offer cleaner, more sustainable products. Our expanded commitment is another step forward in our journey to offer our customers product choices they can feel great about.”

For more information on other retailer initiatives and commitments, please refer to the Food Packaging Forum’s brand and retailers database.

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