A new report by the U.S.-based venture capital fund Safer Made aims “to accelerate the adoption of new materials that reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals in food packaging.” The report was commissioned by the Forsythia Foundation and published in March 2019. Authors Marty Mulvhill and Adrian Horotan explain that, “along with food, we also ‘eat’ the packaging and materials food touches on the way to our mouth.” Therefore, “we need to treat the materials in our packaging like the ingredients in our food and demand the healthiest options available.” 

The report identifies “specific needs for the innovation of safer materials, based on the functions delivered by chemicals of concern” and “showcase[s] companies that are active [in] addressing the innovation needs.” With this, the authors aim to “bridge the gap between broad concepts of sustainability and specific challenges” faced by companies striving to make safer food packaging. They also provide “a common language for industry, entrepreneurs, and investors” in order to “facilitate the conversation about innovating safer materials.” In addition, the report includes an appendix that lists non-intentionally added substances of concern for food packaging. 

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