In an article published on May 16, 2018 by news provider news24, reporter Jan Gerber informed that Edna Molewa, Environmental Affairs Minister of South Africa, on the same day announced “an ‘ambitious new strategy,’ the Source to Sea initiative, to combat plastic pollution.”

South Africa is among the countries joining the Clean Seas campaign initiated by the United Nations Environmental Programme (FPF reported), and the South African government is “committed to minimizing plastic pollution,” Molewa said. The concrete actions currently under consideration include “phas[ing] out the use of micro beads in cosmetics,” “implement[ing] . . . plastic bag policies,” and banning “some plastic products, such as straws.”

Molewa also said that her department plans to continue “work with the packaging sector – paper, glass, plastic and metal – to increase over and above 58% the amount of waste diverted from landfill.” Also, a new campaign “Keep South Africa Clean” will be launched aiming “to mobilize every citizen to become environmentally conscious.”

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