In an article published on March 20, 2019, news provider Greener Package informed about new cup designs that will be trialed over the next year at selected Starbucks locations worldwide. The cups are to be made following the winning designs developed during the NextGen Cup Challenge (FPF reported). The cups will be both compostable and recyclable within the recycling facilities of the trial cities of New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, and London. “It is with great intention that we move forward with highly collaborative and innovative work to bring both recyclable and compostable cups to scale around the world,” said Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson.

The plastic liner previously in the company’s paper cups will be replaced with a biodegradable liner, which is reported to enable the cup to be compostable in commercial composting facilities. However, for the recycling to be successful, consumers will need to dispose of the cups in recycling bins, which can require a change in consumer behavior. “Just because packaging is recyclable or compostable in an industrial facility, does not mean it will be recycled or composted,” said Kate Melges from non-governmental organization Greenpeace. Melges argues that “Starbucks should also invest more in reusable cups.” Starbucks also announced that it will begin launching the use of recyclable, strawless lids in all stores in the United States and Canada over the next year.

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