On May 27, 2020, print and paper packaging initiative Two Sides published the results of a survey carried out in March 2020 on 5,900 consumers from nine European countries investigating their preferences, perceptions, and attitudes towards packaging. The survey was carried out by an independent research company. The report presents key results from the survey related to preferability for various packaging attributes, including respondents believing that:

  • paper and cardboard is better for the environment (63%) followed by glass (27%)
  • paper and cardboard is easier to recycle (57%) followed by glass (28%)
  • paper and cardboard is lighter weight (62%) followed by plastic (26%)
  • glass provides better protection of products (51%) followed by metal and plastic (15%)
  • metal is stronger and more robust (51%) followed by glass (22%)

Consumer perceptions related to recycling rates were also investigated. 58% of respondents believe that non-recyclable packaging should be discouraged through taxation. Respondents also believe that paper and cardboard are the most recycled by European consumers, which is true according to 2017 data at a rate of 85%. Plastic is believed to be the least recycled material, which is also true at a 2017 recycling rate of 42%. Conclusions of the study “suggest that consumers are becoming more aware of the impact that packaging is having on the environment, particularly in relation to single use and non-recyclable packaging.”

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