In an article published on July 10, 2017, Beth Kemler from the non-profit organization Safer Chemicals Healthy Families (SCHF) discussed the results of a survey aimed at understanding consumers’ view on toxic chemicals in products they buy. The survey was carried out as part of the SCHF’s campaign “Mind the Store,” together with Made Safe, a company offering certification for products that are “made with safe ingredients.”

Among the more than 1,600 survey participants, 84% were “much more likely to shop at retailers that have taken steps to eliminate toxic chemicals from products they sell,” while 15% were “more likely” to do so. Further, 93% of surveyed shoppers said they are “more likely to buy a product if it has an independent third-part seal of approval.” The top three categories where respondents prioritized buying products with safer ingredients were cleaning, personal care, and food packaging and storage.

Kemler pointed out that this survey’s findings are consistent with other research, and “underscore the need for retailers to reduced and eliminate chemicals of concern in the products on their shelves and make their efforts transparent.” She therefore encouraged the retailers to continue the ongoing efforts aimed at offering “safer and more transparent products.”

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