On October 8, 2013 a Swedish governmental commission published a national action plan for nanomaterials. In its report the commission demands a nano-specific revision of the European Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulation. The points brought forward by the action plan include the requisition of a separate registration of nanomaterials and a reduction of tonnage limits for nanomaterials. The Swedish commission also suggests increasing investments into the research of human health and the environmental risks posed by nanomaterials. It stresses that the Novel Food and Novel Ingredients regulation amendments to the European Regulation EC 1331/2008 should be adopted as soon as possible. Finally, the report proposes increasing overall knowledge on nanomaterials on the market, primarily by investigating possible wordings for a nano-product registry and through the creation of an inventory of products on the market containing nanomaterials.

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Nanotech “Säker utveckling! – Nationell handlingsplan för säker användning och hantering av nanomaterial” (English)