On April 18, 2017 U.S. retailer Target announced five new sustainable packaging goals:

1) Sourcing all own-brand paper-based packaging from sustainably managed forests by 2022,
2) eliminating expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam from its own-brand packaging by 2022,
3) adding an industry standard recycling label (e.g. How2Recycle) to all own-brand packaging (where space allows) by 2020,
4) supporting the non-profit organization The Recycling Partnership in its efforts to improve residential recycling in the U.S. by 2020, and
5) creating increased demand for recycled packaging by establishing new end markets for recycled materials by 2020.

Target’s chief sustainability office, Jennifer Silberman, stated that the retailer hopes “to be a catalyst for change across the industry – aiming for the day when all packaging will be recyclable, and leading the way to a packaging-waste-free world.”

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