In an article published on September 9, 2019, regulatory news provider Chemical Watch reported on the completed consultation regarding a definition for food contact materials (FCMs) within Thailand’s draft Food Act. If a definition were to be accepted, it would initiate the need for a wider standard for FCMs in the country. While the consultation closed on August 15, 2019, Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration has not yet commented on a timeline for publication of resulting amendments or as to when they might come into effect. Chemical Watch reported that amendments would define an FCM within the country as any material that is “intended to come into contact with food, already in contact with food, in a container that maintains the condition of packaged food, or used for food manufacturing purposes.” An industry source also commented that the Thai authorities are known for opening multiple rounds of public comment on an issue, meaning that further comments might still be accepted.

Thailand does not currently have standards for FCMs, however it does have rules applying to a few specific articles such as thermoset plastics derived from formaldehyde (FPF reported). Thailand has also released a first draft of a law set to replace its current regulations pertaining to hazardous substances (FPF reported).

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Ellen Daliday (September 9, 2019). “Thailand concludes consultation on FCMs inclusion in Food Act.” Chemical Watch