The Food Packaging Forum (FPF) has published the third episode of its video blog series titled “Unwrapping Food Packaging.” In this latest episode, Jane Muncke (FPF) discusses the types of chemicals that can be present in food packaging, including the unknown “non-intentionally added substances” (NIAS) and the challenges they pose to ensuring chemical safety, recycling, and enabling a circular economy. Of the more than 8,000 chemicals known to be used to make food packaging and other food contact articles, she reviews published data describing the very small number of them that are actually being regularly and systemically checked and enforced in food packaging available on the market. She also discusses the (i) challenges posed by chemical additives present in biodegradable packaging intended for composting, (ii) ongoing revision of food contact material regulations in the EU, and (iii) how prioritizing removal of the most hazardous chemicals can be a first step in moving forward.

The video blog series aims to introduce viewers to fundamental topics and new scientific developments within the field of food packaging and health. This includes understanding the chemical composition of food packaging, how these chemicals can transfer into food, the potential resulting health impacts, and efforts being made by stakeholders to address this to protect human and environmental health.


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