On March 8, 2016 the non-profit group Clean Production Action (CPA) announced the release of GreenScreen List Translator, a tool for rapidly assessing whether products contain known chemicals of concern to human health and the environment. List Translator is part of a larger GreenScreen® program that has been developed by CPA for companies as a “publicly available and transparent chemical hazard screening method,” says Michelle Turner, CPA’s GreenScreen program manager.

GreenScreen List Translator assigns each chemical a score based on its inherent hazards deduced from over 40 hazard lists; this score helps to quickly identify chemicals of concern to human health or the environment. List Translator scoring can be automated using the dedicated software developed by CPA’s software partner, Healthy Building Network. It is important to mention that results obtained with GreenScreen List Translator are not as comprehensive as those from a full GreenScreen assessment, as GreenScreen List Translator is meant to be used only for a quick initial screening.

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