On March 17, 2015 The Huffington Post published a blog entry that encourages U.S. consumers to play an active role in the discussions about harmful chemicals. According to Bill Couzens, the founder of the non-profit organization Next Generation Choices Foundation, toxic chemicals have permeated their way into every facet of American life. Couzens suggests that U.S. consumers are, however, no longer willing to accept the health issues resulting from exposure to harmful chemicals. For example, consumer demand for organically produced goods continues to show double-digit growth. Yet this is not enough, he stresses. Large-scale pesticide sites can still be found in close proximity to schools and some consumer products contain potentially unsafe chemicals. Couzens further points to the chemical safety act introduced by U.S. Senators David Vitter and Tom Udall (FPF reported). The legislation is criticized for being written by the chemical lobby (FPF reported), therefore, Couzens hopes that it will not go through. He suggests that the issue of harmful chemicals is now in the hands of consumers. First, consumers should stop purchasing products containing harmful chemicals. He recommends consumers to look for products that have the official “organic” certification from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Second, consumers shall reach out to national lawmakers and ask them to reject the chemical industry’s bill and to engage state lawmakers to protect consumers in their states. Americans can fight for their health or hand over their children’s future to a broken system that will continue to negatively impact public health and the economy, Couzens concludes.

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