On June 29, 2018, the European polyethylene terephthalate (PET) industry association Petcore Europe announced that recycling company 4PET Recycling has opened the first tray-to-tray PET recycling line. The new recycling line was launched on June 22, 2018, at 4PET’s recycling plant in Duiven, the Netherlands. “Petcore Europe welcomes this unique initiative by 4PET that brings our industry one step closer to circular PET and to our objective of recycling more and more PET packaging,” the association stated.

Petcore Europe further informed that “there is an annual overcapacity of around 300,000 tons of PET in mechanical recycling facilities in Europe.” Therefore, the association is “currently in contact with the European Institutions to promote improved EU-wide collection and sorting of PET packaging.”

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Petcore Europe (June 29, 2018). “4PET opens first tray-to-tray PET recycling line in the world.