On February 3, 2015 the British Coatings Federation (BCF) published a news article announcing it had joined other industry associations in calling for the European Commission to take action regarding the bisphenol A (BPA, CAS 80-05-7) ban in France (FPF reported). BCF, along with the Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association, the Food and Drink Federation and the British Plastics Federation, sent a letter in late January to all the key UK government departments. The letter highlights that the French restriction will not lead to increased consumer safety. Instead, it will financially challenge the supply chain of food contact products into France. BCF argues that the recently published scientific opinion of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) reaffirms that BPA poses no health risk to consumers of any age group, as the current exposure to the chemical is too low. Further, BCF stresses that several key membership sectors at the BCF have already been affected by the French ban, as BPA is an essential base chemical used in the manufacture of epoxy resins.

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BCF (February 3, 2015). “BCF challenges French restrictions on BPA-based materials in food packaging.