In an article published on October 30, 2018, news provider Plastics News Europe (PNE) informed that “[t]he UK government is planning to introduce a new tax on all plastic packaging that does not include at least 30% recycled content.” The tax will be enforced as of April 2022 to allow businesses to adapt to the changes. In addition, a reformed Packaging Producer Responsibility System (PPRS) will be developed with the “aim to make businesses more responsible for the clean-up and recycling costs of their packaging.” The revenues from the packaging tax and the reformed PPRS “will go towards investments to address single-use plastics, waste and litter,” PNE further reported.

Philip Hammond, UK chancellor of the exchequer, stated: “The tax will provide a clear economic incentive for businesses to use recycled material in the production of packaging which in turn will create greater demand for this material.”

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