On April 6, 2021, the civil society organization Zero Waste Europe (ZWE) published a toolkit with nine factsheets as part of the UNWRAPPED Project. The material was developed to help communicate the human health risks posed by chemicals that can be present in food packaging materials through providing facts and figures. The nine factsheets inform about, among others, the human health risks posed by hazardous chemicals in food packaging, policy recommendations on how to protect human health, reuse schemes, potential risks to human health posed by microplastics, recycled content in food packaging and resulting toxic chemical exposure, COVID-19 and packaging, as well as general information including which plastics are commonly used in packaging, relevant terminology and a summary of priority chemicals of concern.

The fact sheets also call for industry and policymakers to “put an end to single-use packaging” and consider taking a precautionary approach towards the intentional use of hazardous chemicals in packaging that can migrate into food and affect human health.

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ZWE (April 6, 2021). “The UNWRAPPED Project’s toolkit. – Exposing the health risk of food packaging chemicals.”