On September 29, 2020, the university of applied sciences FH Campus Wien announced the publication of the third update of its Circular Packaging Design Guideline. Developed within the university’s Competence Center for Sustainable and Future Oriented Packaging Solutions, the document aims to support the entire value chain within the packaging branch. It provides general, material-specific, and country-specific recommendations for designing recyclable packaging. The latest version reflects a range of updates including new legal and structural framework conditions, revision and expansion of the core criteria for recyclable packaging design, and a new chapter on country-specific collection structures. In addition, the content from the guideline has been adapted into a set of product-specific guidance information for brand owners and retailers in collaboration with Efficiency Consumer Response (ECR) Austria.

The guidelines are considered a living document and will be updated in the future to reflect changes in collection, sorting, and recycling technology as well as the development of new materials. The updates are made in collaboration with FH Campus Wien’s stakeholder forum on circular packaging.

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