On May 26, 2020, the American Society for Cellular and Computational Toxicology (ASCCT) will hold a webinar on three recently concluded projects to develop in silico tools for predicting chemical toxicity. A group of more than 100 scientists from government, academia, and industry worked together on developing the models in order to overcome the limitations of individual modeling approaches. These include the Collaborative Estrogen Receptor Activity Prediction Project (CERAPP), the Collaborative Modeling Project for Androgen Receptor Activity (CoMPARA), and the Collaborative Acute Toxicity Modeling Suite (CATMoS). The models have so far been used to screen hundreds of thousands of chemicals within the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) DSSTox database, and they are freely available to use. Kamel Mansouri from Integrated Laboratory Systems, Inc. will present the projects and the screening efforts. Registration is open.

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