On May 12, 2020, the non-governmental organization Zero Waste Europe will hold a webinar on the safety of chemicals in food contact materials (FCMs). The event will feature presentations and discussions on (i) the adverse effects some food contact chemicals in FCMs can have on human health, (ii) how these chemicals can limit recycling and transition to a circular economy, (iii) current limitations of and potential solutions for improving the EU policy framework on FCMs, and (iv) strengthening policy in the context of the European Green Deal. The concept of the migration of chemicals will be presented using the first results from a recent project focused on phthalates.

Speakers will include Justine Maillot and Esra Tat from Zero Waste Europe, Raül Paniagua from Rezero, and Sidsel Dyekjær from CHEM Trust. Registration is free.

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