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The application of engineered nanomaterials in food contact materials is considered promising tool to improve functionality, but knowledge about exposure and toxicity remains limited. The Food Packaging Forum reviews applications, exposure, toxicity and regulation of nanomaterials.

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Common contaminants

Common contaminants from printing inks

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UV filters in food packaging

UV filters are added to food packaging in order to protect the food packaging from degradation, as well as the food contained within from harmful UV light. UV filters may migrate into food stuff. They have been associated with endocrine activity, cancer and contact sensitization.


GAIA: chemical recycling a distraction not solution

Alliance of non-governmental organizations Global Initiative for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) publishes technical report and research briefing on chemical recycling technologies for plastic waste; identifies limitations related to environmental emissions, carbon footprint, scale-up, economic viability; argues chemical recycling does not fit within circular economy