Study finds 109 industrial chemicals in pregnant women

Scientists publish study in Environmental Science & Technology detecting 109 industrial chemicals in blood samples from 30 pregnant women and newborns, includes 55 chemicals never-before reported in humans; higher socioeconomic status correlates with relatively higher exposures to some chemicals; detected 42 chemicals for which no information on use was available


Phthalate exposure and health impacts

Four scientific articles report on phthalate exposure sources and impacts; diet partly explains urinary phthalate levels in adolescents and children surveyed in the US and New Zealand; review of reviews summarizes human health impacts; finds studies on women “generally underrepresented”; study indicates three phthalates affect human oral health


New York Times investigates PFAS and pregnancy

Publishes second article in three-part series on hazardous chemical exposure at home; provides overview of research on toxicity of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) to developing fetuses, young children; profiles US families with high PFAS concentrations in drinking water, efforts to restrict uses

Food Packaging & Health


Definition, applications, regulation and health hazards of biocides used in/on food contact materials