Consumer perception: the role of eco-labels and innovative packaging

Italian studies investigate consumer perception and attitude; find food- and packaging-related eco-labels to equally signal higher food quality and safety to consumers; demonstrate high willingness of consumers to buy active, intelligent, and sustainable packaging; survey in UK finds adding stickers with clear recycling messages increases recycling behavior

Scientists review state of edible films and coatings

Two new reviews investigate types, properties, and application of edible films and coatings applied on food; reuse of food waste to protect fresh food; addition of nanomaterials identified to further increase mechanical and barrier properties of edible films

EFSA guide on applications for active packaging

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) publishes administrative guide on how to submit applications for new active, intelligent materials and articles intended for food contact; describes procedures, timelines for handling applications; will be updated as necessary

Chemical analytics of novel food packaging

Scientists review chemical analytical approaches for food contaminants originating from packaging, including active packaging and novel biopolymers; call for thorough characterization of substances migrating from active packaging, including impurities, auxiliary compounds, potential biotransformation products

Researchers develop inexpensive edible coating for fruits

Indian National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute publishes study showing edible composite coating made from wheat straw extends shelf life of royal delicious apples over 30-day period without refrigeration; seen as inexpensive solution without need for post-harvest processing and cold storage

YPACK project develops antimicrobial, biodegradable packaging

Horizon 2020 EU-funded research project announces creation of compostable biopolymer packaging material able to protect against bacteria for up to 48 days, aims to increase shelf-life

New antimicrobial film for food contact

Researchers develop antimicrobial layer that can be bonded to polyethylene films used for vacuum packaged foods; film controls growth of bacteria that cause foodborne illnesses

Edible label to reduce food packaging

Project with the University of Sunderland develops edible label that can be applied directly to foods and provides scannable code for users to access further information; aims to reduce need for additional packaging

Active and intelligent packaging congress 2019

AIPIA World Congress to take place on November 18-19, 2019 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands; include presentations on nanotechnology in packaging, food waste control

Produce stickers to extend shelf life

Food tech startup StixFresh develops solution for produce stickers that extends shelf life up to fourteen days; all ingredients generally recognized as safe in accordance with the U.S. FDA