Health risks of aluminum FCMs

Scientists evaluate consumer health risks from food contact articles made of aluminum; tolerable weekly intake may be significantly exceeded with grill pans and camping cookware used with acidic foodstuffs

Nanoclay migration from FCM

Study investigates nanoclay migration from commercialized nanoclay-LDPE food bags; aluminum migrates in both dissolved and nanoparticle forms; also particles of assumed plastic origin found

Water in aluminum cans

U.S. spring water brands use re-sealable aluminum cans as an alternative to plastic bottles

DG SANTÉ consults with stakeholders

Directorate General Health and Food Safety holds first stakeholder meeting under new Commission leadership; amendment to Plastics Regulation, plastics recycling and Biocides Regulation discussed; changes to working group announced

Conference on aluminum exposure from FCMs

German Federal Institute of Risk Assessment holds conference on health risks of aluminum; addresses exposure from food contact materials, links to disease and exposure reduction

Europa: Chemicals to be evaluated 2014-2016

ECHA adopts substance evaluation plan for 2014-2016; includes several food contact substances

Food contact chemical burden linked to wealth

New study linking chemical body to socioeconomic status, necessary to reduce chemical burden of the poor and the wealthy

Plastic food contact materials under fire in Massachusetts communities

Various towns in Massachusetts, US discuss banning single use plastic bags, repeal of PET bottle ban fails

Aluminum kitchen ware replacement to protect high risk group

New study estimates the dietary exposure to aluminum and evaluates the contribution of kitchen ware

New research on migration of phthalates into foods

A newly published article identifies PET dishes used to package heated meals as source of two phthalates, while the same meals packaged in aluminum trays did not show elevated levels. All meals contained both phthalates prior to packaging.