NTP report reviews carcinogenicity of benzophenone-3

U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) publishes draft technical report investigating carcinogenicity of photostabilizing ingredient, finds ‘equivocal evidence of carcinogenic activity’; public peer review expert panel meeting set for December 12, 2019 with live webinar

Modeling of migration from LDPE

Scientists determine key parameters for modeling migration of benzophenone and several other contaminants from low density polyethylene into food simulants and foodstuffs; propose revision of worst-case scenario values

New FPF report: Presence of UV filters in carton board and food

German researchers detect UV filters in carton board packaging, food and food simulants; packaging surface per kg of food larger than regulatory default

Recycled paperboard food packaging is a manageable source of chemical contaminants

FPF reports on new European study showing that inner bags can reduce overall migration, depending on material used

Babybottles on Austrian market are BPA free but contain chemicals such as benzophenone

Austrian environmental protection organization finds infant feeding bottles to be BPA free but contaminated with other controversial chemicals, such as benzophenone.

New study finds humidity to be crucial for assessing migration

Danish researchers have studied migration of benzophenone from paperboard into a solid food simulant and identified relative humidity as a critical factor that needs to be taken into account in migration modelling of compounds with aromatic groups.

Analysis of food-packaging migrants: Review of the state-of-the-art

A scientific review article published in the peer-reviewed journal Trends in Analytical Chemistry describes recent advances in the analysis of food packaging migrants.

Printing ink compounds detected in foods

UK survey finds eight different printing ink chemicals in food samples as well as their packaging